The Meaning

Based on the ancient Sumero-Akkadian word for "giving," Nadanu specifically chose this word to represent its company and philosophy. As Abraham, a common father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, spoke this language, so Nadanu seeks to unite all people regardless of faith, creed and belief into a powerful force for making the world a better place for all.

Nadanu's logo is the cuneiform symbol for our company.

Our Management Team

  1. Getzy Fellig

    Getzy Fellig Chief Executive Officer

    Getzy lives in San Francisco with his wife and four children. Growing up, his parents ran a non-profit which allowed him to be involved in the world of charity from a very young age. He co-founded Nadanu with the goal of establishing a new way of thinking when it comes to giving charity a positive experience from beginning to end.

  2. Chaim Sztabzyb

    Chaim Sztabzyb Chief Technology Officer

    Chaim brings a wealth of programming knowledge and expertise to Nadanu. At a very young age he began to take an interest in technology when he received his first desktop computer: an IBM personal desktop running MS-DOS. As a co-founder of Nadanu, Chaim sought to create a functional yet simple to manage system to increase global giving and donor interaction.

  3. Nico Sztabzyb

    Nico Sztabzyb Lead Designer

    Quite keen on comic books, Nico is the on staff comedian and director of first impressions. He oversees all of Nadanu's marketing and design efforts including our web presence, user interface design and overall groove.

  4. Laura Luppani

    Laura Luppani UI Design Expert

    Lau is a motivated Graphic Designer who loves photography, typography and the little details. She is always trying to find new ways to create clean and functional designs. Lau gets inspired by the things she sees and enjoys taking pictures on her spare time.